Earlier this year, my girlfriends and I were in D.C. and then decided we would venture down to Richmond, VA to explore just a little bit of the south. We had a great weekend, taking in the different characteristics of Richmond and above all loving the delicious food! 


Millie’s (2603 E Main Street). The best southern start to your day. Brunch just the way you want it! We loved it here. The food was great and the atmosphere too. Located in the Shockoe Slip, it’s a nice little neighbourhood to explore with different little stores and cafes. 

Comfort (200 W Broad Street). For delicious, classic southern food. Everyone recommended Comfort!

Pasture (416 E Grace Street). A modern take on Southern food. The interior is clean and modern, and the food takes a similar approach, with modern and healthy twists. Everything was delicious!

Sugar Shack (1001 N Lombardy Street). The Original! Freshly made donuts, every day, every hour. They offer classic flavours and a more unusual concoctions. All of the one’s we tried, tasted uber yummy!

Our dear friend Fahad, who used to live in Richmond, also suggested that if you have more time you must try Black Sheep (901 W Marshall Street), which serves great southern style food, and known for a good brunch and  fantastic sandwiches with chutney, Tarrant’s (1 W Broad Steet), where you can enjoy American classics in what used to be an old Pharmacy, Coppolas (2900 W Cary Street), which serves the best sandwiches, Can Can (3120 W Cary Street), which is an upscale French restaurant with a nice atmosphere and great food, and finally Edo’s Squid (411 N Harrison Street), a great Italian.


We slept at the historic Jefferson Hotel (101 W Franklin Street). Open since 1895, the Hotel is cloaked in tradition and luxury, being a member of the Historic Hotels of America and listed on the National Register for Historic Places. It just as famous for its alligators in the lobby - these used to swim in the marble pool of the Palm Court until 1948, when the last alligator passed. Today, they are remembered by huge bronze alligator statues. Its famous guests include Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Dolly Parton and the Rolling Stones just to name a few. The perfect place to rest your feet (and maybe go for a swim or spa treatment) after a day eating and exploring Richmond. 


Richmond used to be the capital of the Confederate States and hence you should take in the history still clearly visible in the place. There is the old White House of the Confederate and the American Civil War Museum right next door. 

Then there is the Virginia State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion, both of which are beautiful and oh-so-American! The Governor’s Mansion is known as the Executive Mansion and still home to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To shop, head down to Cary Town, which starts at Cary Street and Thompson and goes all the way down to Cary Street and Boulevard. There is the great Byrd Theatre, where you can catch a movie for just $1.99. The schedule is somewhat unusual as it changes daily, but can be viewed on their website. And then there is Chop Suey Books, is a fantastic used (and new) book store. I spent quite some time in there, perusing and left feeling very happy and with several new books. 

Near Cary Town is the museum district and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, another recommendation by Fahad. Beautiful, with lots of great art and a beautiful sculpture garden. It even has a pretty good cafe. Fahad also recommended Maymont Park. It is a beautiful park with lots of gardens and animals, a zoo, and some historical houses. Also make sure you drive down Monument Avenue at some point, it’s a cobblestone avenue with a large grassy median, lots of monuments along the way and beautiful houses on both sides. You can park on the side and walk up and down, or stop at the monuments (in the circles) and check them out.

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