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Dear Reader, 

Welcome to The Travel Deli - my online travel notebook.

Growing up I kept a travel journal, writing down my notes with pen and paper, all the places I’d been, places I’d liked and new discoveries. Today, I write-up all my notes at The Travel Deli (though admittedly, I also still carry a Travel Journal along:-))

The goal is not only to keep a record for myself, but also to be of help to you, fellow travellers and explorers. I know how much time and effort goes into researching a trip - especially finding somewhere delicious to eat. As such, The Travel Deli is to be a place where you can go to for inspiration.

That also where the name the Travel Deli comes from. Like in real a deli, where you get to stroll the isles and shop for delicious goodies, The Travel Deli is where you can find useful, inspiring travel tid-bits to make your next that little bit more delicious!  

I hope you enjoy The Travel Deli and find it useful. I am always happy to help, so send me an email or PM via Instagram if you have any questions. 

Thank you for visiting!



p.S. A little about myself… I love good food and love trying out new places. I will schlepp my friends and family to far corners in search for something yummy! I blame my mother and her amazing cooking talent, which has spoiled me since day one. To this day good food is something I enjoy both making at home in my own kitchen and something I look for whenever I am out and travelling. In my everyday life I work in the field of political science, something I have pursued since my university studies in both the U.K. and the U.S. Currently, I am based in Munich. I also love reading and ... travelling and cooking 🙂


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